Custom Layout Fightstick Building Service

Build your custom fightstick step to step:

1. Choose product options( if you don’t know what some options used for or what they mean, just set these options as default for cheapest price).
2. Design your layout( Drag n Drop buttons/keys).
3. Click “Add To Cart” and finish your order.

Important updates from April, 2024:

1. The custom controller now will go with a custom PCB and hotswap sockets without any extra cost required.

2. Sanwa 24mm/30mm buttons now will be replaced by keyswitches + same size circle keycaps.

3. New case’s body dimensions: Your layout length x your layout width x 0.6″ height.

4. All buttons are remapable, the function on your layout design is just the default mapping. Even if there are multiple buttons sharing the same function on your layout, they are still be able to be remapped to different functions from each other.

If you have any problems please contact us via this email: [email protected] or if you are not sure about your ideal layout just contact us as well, we will give you some recommendation.

Don't upload anything if you don't want top artwork cover.

For case led mod,Inkjet Photo Paper will be changed to Decal Paper( led light pass through). UV Printing allows led light pass through also.

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