Fightkeys: Common Layout

● 12 mechanical keyboard buttons.
● A switch to change SOCD type.( Neutral and Last Command)(Only for Brook PCB).
● 2 analog sticks with L3, R3 buttons.
● PS,OPTION,SHARE,TOUCH arcade buttons.
● Nornal PCB: Supports PS4 and PC(DirectInput).
● Brook PS3/PS4: Supports PS4 and PC(XInput).
● Brook PS4+ Audio: Supports PS4 and PC(XInput).
● Brook Universal: Supports PS4/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/PC(Xinput) .
● Custom cover artwork.

Upload your cover artwork here (optional):

Don't upload anything if you don't want top artwork cover.

For case led mod,Inkjet Photo Paper will be changed to Decal Paper( led light pass through). UV Printing allows led light pass through also.

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Dimensions: 12.9″x7.9″x1.9″